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Haomin Peng

Haomin Peng (1996, Guangzhou, China) is an artist who mainly works with time-based media including videos, animations, films and new media. During his stay at School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) , he was awarded the Barbara Zenner Award for Outstanding New Artist in Film, Video, New Media, and Animation by the Department of Contemporary Practices. Haomin Peng currently lives and studying in Chicago, U.S and Guangzhou, China, works both as a freelance video-maker and a commissioned artist.

Transparent Delusion (Official Trailer)

Transparent Delusion (Official Trailer)

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Transparent Delusion

Transparent Delusion" is an animation/video poem that attempts to solidify the transient sensation of how the varied locations appear in our dreams could have connections with each other. With a map of our very own dream world, hopefully, we are able to lucidly explore from here to there, from today to yesterday.


The director of this film is currently studying as an art student at the School of the Art Institute, Chicago. The film is about how locations in dreams are connected. Noticeable areas of Chicago are featured in the film in many different ways.