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Martin Mulcahy

Martin Mulcahy is an award-winning Chicago-based experimental filmmaker. He has completed 5 short films, and has worked in the art/design/film space for 25 years. His films have screened in festivals across the U.S. His latest film, My Mattachine, won Best Short Film and The Director’s Award at the Kinodrome Film Festival.


I think of my films as hybrid documentary/visual essays. I tell stories using DIY techniques, exploring different styles, compositing photos and motion graphics, archival and found footage, found audio, and various animation techniques. My focus has been exploring personal history and identities, through memories and locations, from a queer cinematic point of view.

MY MATTACHINE (Official Trailer)

MY MATTACHINE (Official Trailer)

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My Mattachine is a visual essay exploring the struggles of the filmmaker’s early adulthood. A gay man lost in his head, on the southside of Chicago, looking for connection. He recalls memories through visual devices: home movies, dioramas, photo composites.


A visual essay using animation and photo composites of several Chicago locations explores the struggle of growing up gay on Chicago’s southwest side in the 1970s-80s.

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