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Maalik Falsetto + Max Zuckert

Max Zuckert has been making film in Chicago for nearly a decade and has grown to love most the collaborative nature of team-based creativity. He strives to make pieces that are fun to watch, fun to create, all in a space surrounded by people that are fun to be around. Through his work, Max hopes to shine a light on some of the hardest, least-fun topics to approach in the film industry in a compassionate way based around restorative justice, inclusivity, kindness, and fun. Though he prides himself on being jovial and goofy, Max likes to use humor and satire to broach uncomfortable, tough, and painful topics, asking: What are YOU laughing at? Why? And how can we use those feelings to work towards goals of healing?

MUSE (Official Trailer)

MUSE (Official Trailer)

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On a quest to become a celebrity photographer, Shiro is invited to a party hosted by the student government president and popular varsity athlete Donte James. During an intimate moment at the party, Donte becomes both a subject and a love interest to Shiro as he lets his guard down for the first time.


My entire crew and cast are from Chicago, I am a Chicagoland film maker. This film represents LGBTQ love narratives of black men in Chicago.

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