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Claire McFadden

Claire McFadden is a writer and filmmaker living in Chicago. By day she writes for Jackbox Games. By night, she performs with The Second City. Her web series "Framed" was an Official Selection at The New York Television Festival in 2018.


As a late bloomer and a chronically slow mover, I spent a lot of adolescence as an advice-giver and an outfit-picker-outer for my Sexually Advanced friends. When I began dating, I found it so sweet how those same friends celebrated my tiny victories (one text! one kiss!) with sincere enthusiasm and interest. At times, it felt like a group of respected geologists eagerly surrounding my homemade science fair volcano. I wanted to make a movie that celebrates how deeply my friends and I have been involved in each other's lives, especially when navigating choppy, unknown romantic waters. They psych me up, calm me down, ghostwrite my texts, and lint-roll my pants. Kim's Big Date celebrates that early period of a relationship where your friends are as much a part of the journey as the person you like. Every date is a group project. And no matter how the date goes, there's so much solace and sweetness in the fact that at the end of the night, you get to scream about it with your pals.


Kim's Big Date

Kim finally landed a big date, but she needs to prepare, so she calls in her squad to help get her ready.


Everyone who worked on the film lives and works in Chicago. We shot in churches, coffee shops and apartments throughout Lakeview, as well as the Art Institute!

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