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Oriana Oppice

Born in Sicily and raised in Chicago, Oriana is an award-winning independent film and commercial director, writer, producer, and actor based in Chicago. Her experience as an immigrant has influenced her work as she focuses on outsider characters and circumstances. She tells the stories of big things happening to little people, both in comedy and drama. She is committed to elevating the visibility of women in front of and behind the camera, and is the Director of Programming & Communications for Women in Film Chicago.


This project gets to the root question: are we creating a world for children in which they can flourish by being themselves? Through this film, I can create space for audiences to fall into Bobby's private world. Even if it's just for a few minutes, they can be alone with him, see the doubt and fear in his face, and perhaps feel empathy for that fearfulness we all felt as children. The audience can then transform into Bobby's champions, and after viewing, go out into the world ready to stand up for any child. It is on us to nurture an environment for children that allows them to be whomever they want to be. They should not feel encumbered by society to look or feel or be a certain way. This film gives Bobby the chance many children never get - to be free and happy just the way they are. It's said that people are afraid of what they don't know, and that that is the root of bigotry. We are still hearing parents say, "My kid could never be gay" or "I raised my son to be a man." This film strips all of that away. After viewing the film, they will see a piece of themselves as a child, only this one doesn't let society push him into a world of repression, anger, and fear. Bobby is the child we all wanted to be - the one who says I'm going to be me. He will compel audiences to create a free world for all children.

Go Go, Boy! (Official Trailer)

Go Go, Boy! (Official Trailer)

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Go Go, Boy!

Everyone he knows is into wrestling, but Bobby doesn't understand that world. Alone in his bedroom, he escapes the pressures and stresses of his family in an imagined world of fantasy, fabulousness and dance.


This film was entirely produced in Chicago using all Chicago talent.