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Robert Nelson & Noah Keckler

Robert and Noah are first-year students at DePaul University. Noah studies Film Production, while Robert studies Screenwriting. They have begun production on another project together, to be released in late 2021.


Having limited resources due to COVID-19 and our lack of a budget, we wanted to be able to tell an emotionally powerful story that we would be proud to put our names on. We hope you enjoy!


Ferdinand Avenue

On a college campus, two teenagers, each at a personal crossroads, meet and feel a spark of connection. Embracing the moment, and the thrill of potential, they decide to spend an afternoon and evening together, getting to know one another. Without the pressure of expectations and in the no-stakes comfort of anonymity they are able to open up to each other in beautiful and unique ways as temporary confidantes and friends.


This is a student short film written, shot, and taking place in Chicago. Several crew members and the male lead are all Chicago natives.

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