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Maureen M. Miller.

Maureen Miller's undergrad studies were in studio painting and drawing at DePaul University. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from DePaul and was awarded scholarships for full-time post BA studies at the School of the Art Institute Chicago. At SAIC she continued her concentration in painting and drawing. Shortly after, she became a member of ARC Gallery, Chicago, participating in solo and group exhibitions over the next few years. She also began teaching children’s fine arts courses at Montay College in Chicago for eight years. Years after that, she began writing and illustrating children’s verses. After building a substantial catalogue of her visual and literary work, she set out to produce short films.


Today she is an independent filmmaker.


My filmmaking has its origins in two-dimensional art, photography and rhymed verse. Having a formal education in painting in drawing, I have strong connections to Chicago art, particularly Chicago Imagists.


I have always been fascinated with filmmaking and animation, so adapting my work to video became a creative pursuit for me. Filmmaking opened many doors, artistically, for visual storytelling. My short film BIJOU DOOZIE is an example. Growing up in Chicago, every summer wherever you turned, there seemed to be a carnival going on. Being a city of neighborhoods, the fun could be found just about anywhere. I have fond recollections of visiting these fairs. There always seemed to be a spinning ride among the ‘usuals’ and then some sort of curiosity which I would never have enough courage to ride, myself, but enjoyed watching other kids who did. BIJOU DOOZIE is a short little film based upon such an individual.


Bijou Doozie

With lush, layered and unique animation, Bijou Doozie conjures up a vibrant carnival and an overzealous youngster named Bijou Doozie, who learns what happens when you ride too many rides at the fair. Introducing and spelling key words throughout, Bijou Doozie is a sweet story of rambunctious childhood as well as a fun vocabulary primer for early readers.


The narrative was inspired by local neighborhood carnivals held throughout the city in the summertime.

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