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Infinity Arts Academy

Ruby Fuller, Hannah Hafner, Rae Burczyk & Joanna Sodke, Co-Directors

Lucero Less and Dana Armstrong, Producers

Infinity Arts Academy invests in each student by challenging them to learn and grow while entrusting them with the responsibilities necessary to participate in a full production through thoughtful, engaging, and challenging curriculum taught by industry professionals with multiple degrees and years of experience. Our film department produces 7+ films a year, with an average running time of over 20 minutes - highlighting the importance of the ensemble, a safe space to grow and take risks and providing an outlet to communicate their questions and fears. Our films have Official Selections and Nominations in international film festivals and our ideology of each student as an individual person gives them not only a world class education in the arts, but also the life skills necessary to be successful in any en-devour they choose within their lives.


The film was created by our Chicago students during the COVID lockdown this Spring. They had to stop filming the project they were producing together, and switch to a narrative they could collaborate on in 100% isolation. TOGETHER APART is the film they came up with.


Together Apart

Lockdowns and Stay at Home orders hit everyone hard in 2020. In TOGETHER APART, five high school students navigate the challenges of their changed worlds for themselves and their families. Shot entirely separately by young people in their own homes during the early days of the lockdown, TOGETHER APART provides an intimate look at what those unprecedented days looked like and felt like for young people suddenly stuck at home. The difficulties they face like lost jobs, health scares and the ache for normalcy are universal, but also honestly specific to the teenage experience. This narrative film feels like a documentary at times, owing to its timeliness and willingness to make a film in a time none of us knew the way out of.


The film was produced, written, directed, and shot in various neighborhoods here in Chicago. They used cellphones and online cloud based editing software. Their film conveys a unique perspective of Chicago individuals dealing with the virus.

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Infinity Arts Academy offers training and professional experience for young performers and creatives in theatre, film, acting, voice and dance. To learn more, or enroll, visit

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To see more student work from Infinity Arts Academy, check out their YouTube channel.

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