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Nick Forsythe

Also known as NJF Productions, Nick Forsythe is a student at Columbia College Chicago studying film and journalism.  Nick concentrates mostly on directing fiction and nonfiction/documentary films. As a storyteller, Nick values human experiences and telling them in the most authentic way possible. In his time at Columbia, he has directed several student film projects and also written over thirty published articles across five publications on topics ranging from politics to entertainment. His goal after graduating in May of 2020 is to become a journalist and documentary filmmaker.


After switching my concentration from fiction filmmaking to documentary sophomore year, I never thought my first documentary would tackle such an important issue like mental health.

I always strive to tell authentic stories, whether doc or otherwise, and often on subjects I feel don’t get nearly enough attention. I met Ethan freshman year of college, and while he openly talked about his depression, I never realized how deep his struggles were until I made this film, and we grew closer as friends.

Mental health is a crisis, and far too many of us don’t take it seriously. It disturbs and disgusts me when people pass off mental health, especially in the younger generations, as a non-issue.

Making this film has also helped me confront my own mental struggles. I’ve always been the kind of person to bury my feelings and keep pushing forward no matter what. Ethan’s story inspires me, and hopefully, anyone else that sees this film that it’s okay to have mental struggles. Whether big or small, our mental well being is a battle that we all have, and PART OF ME illustrates how real that battle is.

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Part of Me

Ethan is a college student, dealing with all the life changes, schoolwork and social challenges all college students face. But Ethan is also fighting a daily battle with depression that has been a part of his life as long as he can remember. This unflinchingly personal short documentary intimately chronicles Ethan's struggles, his setbacks and his successes as he makes a life for himself coming to terms with his mental health needs.


This film was made through Columbia College Chicago's Cinema and Television Arts program. The subject of the film is also a resident of the city and attends the college.

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Like many mental health illnesses and conditions, depression is too often stigmatized or downplayed by those who have never suffered. If you or a loved one are battling with depression and need someone to talk to, Chicago is home to numerous support groups, treatment centers and specializing mental health professionals. Reach out for the help you deserve.

Community Counseling Centers of Chicago

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

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You can see more of Nick's filmmaking work and writing at

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