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Kendall L. Barachy

Kendall Barachy is orginally from Milwaukee WI graduated school at Columbia College Chicago. She has Produced four advanced productions while studying. The films titled BLOOD ORANGE, SIMULACRA as well as an independent SERGEANTS JACOB AND OLIVIA BARNESE which had the honor to be screened at the Hokin Gallery in April 2019. Another film THE SWEET PURSUIT also won her the Movie Magic Award for “Outstanding Producer” which was hand-­picked by Columbia staff.


We wanted to create a film that was focused on a reverse coming-of-age story. Many children are forced to grow up to fast due to struggles in home life and or losing a parent, and Lillian is just that. She focuses on becoming an adult and being an inspiration for Peter but within that, she loses her childhood. This story highlights not only her growth but also on finding a balance between independence and childhood.


The Sweet Pursuit

When a bully steals her younger brother's Halloween candy, Lillian is on the case. With all the grit and determination of a hard boiled detective, and the smarts and passion of a protective older sister, Lillian knows she can find the culprit. Witty and charming, THE SWEET PURSUIT features strong performances from its' two lead performers and a script that vividly portrays the unique and loving bonds between siblings.


The film's connection to the neighborhoods in Chicago is quite prevalent in the film. We used a lot of streets, alleyways as well as housing and a bowling alley. We loved the look as well as the freedom it gave us.

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