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Dan Holmes

Dan Holmes is a Chicago-based artist and filmmaker born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. He studied Filmmaking and Photography at Huntington University in Indiana and has been working as a Director and an Editor in Chicago for the past 6 years. Dan Holmes has been directing short films for over 10 years and is beginning the process of transitioning into Feature Films. As an artist his work focuses on the interesting and sometimes surreal sides of life. Dan hopes to bring his varied life experiences and unique perspective to each production as he strives to tell the truth with each new story.


Bittersweet is a story about family, grief and tradition. William grieves his lost wife by baking her favorite pie recipe. He keeps the memory of her alive when he passes along this tradition to his granddaughter. I hope audiences find Bittersweet relatable as we, or those close to us, have all experienced loss and heartbreak. The grief William experiences and overcomes is universal and I want all who view his journey through this small process to connect with the bitter and sweet side of life.



An elderly man bakes a pie in an effort to reconnect with his wife.


This short was written, directed, shot, and performed by all Chicago local talent and crew. We wanted to use our mostly commercial crew and explore a narrative project featuring and highlighting the often overlooked stories of the elderly. The aging process is bittersweet, and we hope we capture a moment of this sweetness in our film.

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