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Tin Nguyen

Born in Chicago, IL and raised in Austin, TX, Tin studied directing at Columbia College Chicago’s Master’s in Fine Arts program in which he completed in 2015. His focus and drive to produce, bring together and work with collaborative artists has allowed him to bring varied stories to life while fostering a community that can express themselves through their respective craft. No matter the genre, he hopes to evoke as much feeling as he can through the use of images and sound through film. Since the beginning of his career he has worked on various types of work in the motion picture medium, now focusing on Producing, Photographing and Directing Narrative Films through his co-founded production company, “54 Script Productions"

From the Filmmaker

"I directed “Yellow Polka Dot,” about a year after the initial lockdown of 2020. This meant I spent the better part of 2021 self-producing this special project with my friend Ben Kurstin, who also serves as the Co-Producer, Writer, and DP of this film. While we were still in the midst of the Pandemic. Ben wrote 54 short scripts in the Spring/Summer of 2020, during the lockdown, and with us being mostly out of work, we were compelled to create something that was our own in 2021.

They’re two women who are unsure of the feelings they’re having about themselves because they’re living in a time when society told them that they should be boxed into a specific archetype. As a first-generation Asian-American, who was raised by immigrant parents, in Texas of all places, I felt that the theme of this story was a lot more universal in its subtext. During my prep, I was able to pull from my own experiences and feelings in order to communicate with the actors what I felt the characters themselves were feeling in context to their story, and the whole process was truly rewarding."


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Yellow Polka Dot

Sandra and Barbara are enjoying a day at the beach with their partners in 1962. The night before they all went out to a night club. The men bonded, as well as the women, albeit in very different fashions.

TIN NGUYEN | Director


JOE ANELLO, JOHN KLEIN | Executive Producers



Shot in Chicago, Directed, Produced, Written, Shot by Chicagoans. Takes place in Chicago, about Chicago in the 1960's.

Yellow Polka Dot Trailer
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