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Ethan Herman

Ethan Herman is a director, cinematographer, and editor from London, UK, and is currently living in Chicago, IL. He has a BA in music from the University of Leeds and is completing an MFA in documentary film at DePaul University, while he pursues passion projects such as this. On graduating from Leeds, Ethan worked as an Assistant Editor at Fulwell 73 Productions in London, working on the Netflix series, 'Sunderland 'Til I Die', Disney+ series, 'Among the Stars', and feature-length documentary, 'Busby'. He then moved to Whistler, BC to pursue extreme sports filmmaking, founding Pangea Creatives in 2020 with partners Dan Stephenson and Noah Schneider. Ethan believes strongly in uncovering the deeper story behind Pangea athletes and their adventures, whilst also showcasing the beautiful natural environments they work in and the threat climate change has on the future of their sports.

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From the Filmmaker

"Although still within the comfort of sports documentaries, this project is expanding my creative practices as a filmmaker by providing me with the resources to realize my dream of creating climate documentaries. It is pushing my experience as a filmmaker, placing me in high-risk natural environments, as well as providing a position of responsibility and care for these young athletes. Furthermore, it is expanding my knowledge of environmentalism and connections within the ski industry, allowing me opportunities to work closely with brands, scientists, and even legislators to express concerns. For me, success in this project will manifest itself in two ways: by getting these young athletes involved with climate action and their communities; and by providing ski films with a stronger climate voice."

The Front Lines

A group of young professional skiers and snowboarders explore their concerns surrounding climate change and investigate how the ski industry is responding to protect their future. In conversation with climate scientists, global brands, and leaders in snowsports, these young athletes must find ways to enjoy the mountains sustainably to make sure that their winters aren't lost forever.




Ethan Herman is a Chicago filmmaker and student studying at DePaul University and living in Chicago.

THE FRONT LINES (2022) | a Climate Change Ski Film | Official Trailer [4K]
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