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Jack Tenbusch

Lover of all things cute, creepy, and especially in between, Jack strives to create stories using the striking visual styles of 2D animation. Having affirmed his passion for animation with his first animated short, Perspective, Jack applied all that he learned to his Columbia College Chicago thesis project: SymBionic, which has toured in multiple international and animated film festivals. Jack is currently working as a freelance animator and artist.

SymBionic Headshot.jpg

From the Filmmaker

"SymBionic is a project I've had in mind since first applying to art school. Animating the film solo was a challenge, and things looked especially crazy once the quarantine lockdown hit, but all that time at home meant I could put all my energy into making this film a reality. The story I want to tell with SymBionic and its larger narrative is about the importance of kindness in the face of cruelty and having hope when the world seems to lack any. In this futuristic world of destructive industry, two who were broken find the strength in one another to rise again stronger than they ever were alone.""


After clipping her wing on a robotic facility antenna, a Songbird forms an unlikely symbiotic relationship with the robot she inadvertently creates.




Jack Tenbusch is a Chicago filmmaker and Columbia College Chicago student. This animation is his solo thesis film.

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