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Claude Fethiere

Claude Fethiere is a lifelong lover of film. He recently completed his first film, Mr. Bulloch: Chicago’s Donut King, a documentary short about Mr. Buritt Bulloch and his business, Old Fashioned Donuts Incorporated, which has continued to thrive for 50 years; overcoming, decades of economic challenges in Chicago’s Roseland neighborhood. Claude made this film as a member of the 2022 cohort of the Production Institute Digital Storytelling Initiative, an educational program which trains residents of Chicago South Side in digital video production. Claude is continuing to develop other film projects to expand the range of stories about the Black Diaspora.

From the Filmmaker

"As a director I strive to create stories that will expand the images of Black people, and use the medium to visually, emotionally, and intellectually convey narratives and experiences that audiences may not have previously encountered."

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Mr. Bulloch: Chicago's Donut King

This short film celebrates Buritt Bulloch the owner of Old Fashioned Donuts Incorporated. He and his family have been making delicious donuts for 50 years in Chicago's Roseland Neighborhood.




"Mr. Bulloch: Chicago's Donut King" is a film that celebrates Mr. Bulloch and his business Old Fashioned Donuts Incorporated. The business opened in Chicago Historic Roseland neighborhood on November 5,1972. Old fashioned Donuts has continued to strive for over 50 years as Roseland, a south side Chicago neighborhood , that has gone through decades of economic hardships. Despite Roseland 's everchanging challenges from financial divestment, joblessness, white flight, and crime, Mr. Bulloch, and his family, continue to get up every morning to hand make the best donuts ever.

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