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Ronan Morrissey & Bridget Johnson

Ronan Morrissey is a filmmaker from Chicago who focuses on telling stories that offer a unique perspective to the human experience, and that highlight the absurdity of everyday life. His most recent film, "Nothing At All'' was a music video and one of several professional collaborations with Roman Redd. It was screened at the Los Angeles Lift Off Global Film Festival in 2020. His comedy film, "The Box" won an Excellence in Student Filmmaking award from the Florida Comedy Film Festival. He is also an active member of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS), Chicago/Midwest Chapter's Junior Board.

Founder of Dare to Dream Productions, Bridget Johnson creates thought-provoking films with inclusive casts and crews. Her LGBT+ film, The Girl at the Library, has over 1M views on YouTube and played a variety of film festivals globally. Her films have been shown at the Museum of Contemporary Art and the AMC Theater in Times Square. Her mission is to inspire others to be themselves and make an impact on the world through her films.

From the Filmmakers

“Masterpieces'' is a long awaited passion project that was in development for the past two years. My mom, Anne, would come home from work and tell me about the crazy things she does as a slate roofer. I became so fascinated by her line of work and the people she works with, that I wanted to make a film that showcased this awesome trade and unique group of roofers. I spent the last two years educating myself on slate roofing through conversations I had with my mom. I also learned about the struggles she faces as a woman in construction.

That’s when I decided to bring on Bridget as my co-director. Her wealth of experience and insight with telling stories that focused on marginalized voices and women empowerment was something that I and the story needed. Without her, I wouldn’t have been able to make this project. She was my closest collaborator and the person I leaned on the most through all the creative decision making."

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A dedicated team of roofers, consisting of three men and three women, fight to keep the historic yet rare art of slate roofing alive, while also navigating the challenges of the trade through intense labor and safety.




“Masterpieces” showcases a dedicated and unique team of slate roofers, as they restore the 125 year old roof on Chicago's River Park park district building. The team consists of three men and three women, who share their love and passion for their job. This film shows the art and craft behind slate roofing and shines a light on the importance this work is to our communities, the preservation of historic architecture and our city's history.

The film also explores some the challenges women in construction face, and discusses how the team navigate the intense labor that comes with the job.

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