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Olivia Jensen

Olivia Jensen is an animator and illustrator in Chicago, IL. She loves all things elegant and emotional, and is inspired by stories that evoke raw, real emotions.

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From the Filmmaker

"Kiss 'n' Ride is based on a true story. It's a love letter to Chicago winters, an ode to commuting and traveling, and an homage to my first date with my now fiancé. I wish I had kissed him that snowy December night. Instead of regretting that, I made this film, in hopes of connecting with other hopeless romantics who can relate to all the "what if?"s and dreamy thoughts that engross us when first falling for someone."

Kiss 'n' Ride

On her way home from a lovely cafe date, a woman finds reminders of her date in every little thing, prompting her to fall in love with the Chicago winter night around her and dream of the date ending differently.




Kiss 'n' Ride is an animated short that takes place in Chicago, and is my ode to falling in love in Chicago winter and on Chicago transit. The title for the film, "Kiss 'n' Ride" is based on the transit term that was said to be coined by a CTA general manager in the 60s. I liked it specifically since it's a line in a song I love, "Far, Far Away" by Wilco (a Chicago band) - "Kiss 'n' Ride on the CTA".

Kiss 'n' Ride Trailer
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