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Maxime Chudeau

Maxime Chudeau is an independent French filmmaker based in Chicago.

As a scenography MFA graduate from Haute École des Arts du Rhin (Strasbourg, FR), Maxime's hybrid approach to film combines scenic design, sound design and computer animation. His work explores the boundaries of perception and often puts the viewer in the leading role of the film, the demiurge. Maxime's quest to making stories that challenge classic representation systems led him to a remarked experimental debut, CIRCVS MAXIMVS, which screened at various international film festivals.

Currently, he works on a new short film called Strawberry Season, with an expected release in 2024.

From the Filmmaker

"This short experimental animation mirrors our socio-technological condition to a simulated crowd that acts strangely similar to us. But the real focus of this film is about who controls the cursor and rigs the simulation. As viewers, we are first in this unsettling position as a spectator/demiurge until a character from the simulation reacts and shifts the power dynamics of the virtual world... or do they? Are you the cursor or the dummy?"

CIRCVS MAXIMVS Headshot - Maxime Chudeau.jpg


A simulated city crowd lives in total ignorance of their condition, until their creator suddenly manifests itself…




CIRCVS MAXIMVS is an experimental short film which depicts a simulated city that looks just like Chicago and interrogates its power dynamics.

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