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David Weathersby

David Weathersby is a filmmaker/videographer and the founder of City Vanguard, an arts organization that helps independent filmmakers create community-based documentaries for educational and cultural institutions. As a director, he has produced films, documentaries, music videos, and video art projects. His past projects include the documentaries Got the Love, Jazz Occurrence, Thee Debauchery Ball, and The Color of Art. His work has been featured on The Africa Channel, WTTW, and various film festivals including Pan African Film Festival, Sand Diego Black Film Festival, Collected Voices Film Festival, Black Harvest Film Festival, Image Union Film Festival, and The Chicago Short Comedy Film Festival. In 2018, he was awarded a Black Excellence award for best director by the African American Arts Alliance of Chicago.


I made It's Different In Chicago to tell the story of how House music and Hip Hop culture complemented and competed with each other. This relationship is deeply rooted within the Black community of Chicago.

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It's Different in Chicago

IT'S DIFFERENT IN CHICAGO is an anthology documentary that tells the story of how House music and Hip Hop culture complemented and competed with each other leading to deep revelations about the different segments within the Black community of Chicago.


The main subject of this documentary is the relationship between two musical genres within the city of Chicago, one of which was started in Chicago.

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IT'S DIFFERENT IN CHICAGO will make you want to get up and move your body to the music. You can do just that at Chicago's House Music Festival, September 15-18. 

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See more of David Weathersby's Chicago documentaries at

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