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Anthony Moseley

Anthony Moseley (he/him) is an actor, producer, writer, and director. He has been the Artistic Director of Collaboraction since 1999, using theater as a tool of knowledge, empathy, dialogue and action. Through this work, Moseley has commissioned and collaborated with thousands of artists to build a more equitable future for Chicago through projects including Sketchbook Festival, Peacebook, Encounter and The Light youth theater festival. As a writer/director he created Crime Scene: a Chicago Anthology and its four sequels, This is Not a Cure For Cancer, Connected and A Blue Island in the Red Sea. In 2018, Collaboraction was honored with a Comcast/Ovation Stand for the Arts Award and an Otto Award for “ground-breaking political theater.”


Working in Englewood over the past decade with Collaboraction has shown me that it is a truly special and often misrepresented neighborhood. Englewood is a Chicago neighborhood that manifests true community through numerous individuals and organizations who connect and lift each other up through service, art and love. Encounter Englewood shares 5 stories of the transformative powers of community action in this great Chicago neighborhood and I hope people will watch this film and then seek out these and other Englewood cultural gems and experience them on their own terms.

Encounter Englewood 2021 Trailer
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Encounter Englewood

Five Englewood artists and activists – Chelle Rashad of Imagine Englewood If, jazz legend Ernest Dawkins, Joy Smith of Joyful Soundz, principal of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Academy of Social Justice Jasmine Thurmond, and Lyana Funches and Pha’tal of Think Outside the Block – get their long overdue close-up in Collaboraction’s new documentary showcasing the life and vibrancy of Englewood. 


Encounter Englewood is about five Englewood artists and activists showcasing the life and vibrancy of Englewood. It's about how we can use our work and our voices to connect with each other through different lenses, all towards the common goal of empowering this community.

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ENCOUNTER ENGLEWOOD is a quick tour of the neighborhood through the eyes of local residents. To get to know more about Englewood and the people and organizations in this film, visit Imagine Englewood If,, JoYful SoundZ, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Academy of Social Justice, and Think Outside da Block.

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Learn more about Collaboraction Theatre's artistic and social justice work at

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